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Zombies and Indians

In development

CREATED by Keith Lawrence

A world ravaged by the risen dead. A young Chief tested. Family rivalries ignited. Love and passion cloaked in blood. “Zombies and Indians” explores the dramatic life inside the barricaded border of Blackjay. A fragile Cree reservation on the brink of collapse, deep in the heartland of Alberta. 

Three years after a viral outbreak has turned the dead into zombies and destroyed the civilized world, we will join an ensemble cast of fresh and engaging First Nation characters engaged in the backdrop of an epic, captivating drama filled with tension, love, death, betrayal and horror. 

We will explore themes of clashing cultures, power struggles, rising factions from within and out, prophecies, prejudice and racism.  

“Zombies and Indians” will be an hour-long dramatic series. A bold, fresh take on the zombie genre with a story uniquely presented through an Indigenous perspective, unlike no other broadcasted or streamed today.