Alberta Genre Stories




From zombie westerns to land-locked Drumheller shark movies, Dead West Productions shares Alberta genre stories with the world. Starting in 2009 representing Spencer Estabrooks eccentric short film work the company has evolved into producing long form content. In 2015 DWP launched Legend of the Lich Lord and quickly followed it up with Aleberta a documentary about the history of Alberta beer in 2016.  

They are currently in production of a graphic novel Sharkasaurus with Renegade Arts Entertainment and writing season 3 of One Hit Die.


After completing a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies at the University of Alberta and a diploma in film production at VMPS, Spencer Estabrooks worked a variety film related jobs before settling at a film archiving company, Acmeworks Digital Film.


During the 7 years at Acmeworks Estabrooks rose to Senior Post Production Supervisor building restoration and archiving workflows for Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network, and HBO. Through out this period he filled his free time following his passion for genre filmmaking.


Producing and directing for Insurrection Films and Deadwest Productions he completed over a dozen short genre films including“Deadwalkers”, “The Hunt”, “Sharkasaurus” and “One Hit Die. These films cris crossed the globe winning numerous awards and accolades includeing Rue Morgue Magazine Best Short of 2013 for “The Hunt”


In January 2015 he left his position at Acmeworks to pursue filmmaking full time. In the first six months, he produced, wrote, directed, and the second season of his webseries One Hit Die: “Legend of the Lich Lord”. Before the dust even settled he began his next passion project, a timely documentary “Aleberta: Our Beer History”


Recently he completed the NSI’s Producers Bootcamp and is actively developing new Alberta based projects that blend both his love of genre and his passion for a good story.