Dead West Productions is a company specializing in developing, producing and promoting proudly Alberta genre films, series and documentaries. 

Since 2009, Dead West Productions has been focused on the development and production of short films. In 2015 the company added long-form documentary, series, and feature length productions.

In 2015 the company received a grant for a ten episode season of One Hit Die. The ten episodes were edited into a feature film called Legend of the Lich Lord and won Best Feature at Gencon in 2016. In addition, it ranked in the top 10 VOD downloads for Telus which lead to the renewal of the series. Another seven episode series, called the Devouring Dungeon, was shot in 2018 and launched on Telus and Amazon Prime (US & UK) in Jan 2019. 

The first long form documentary project was Aleberta: Our Beer History. This timely three part series for Telus launched in 2016. We are continuing to develop a sequel entitled Barley Dreams, as well as a documentary on a 72 year old power lifting grandmother entitled Muscle Mom.

One of the most successful and proudly Albertan properties is Sharkasaurus. This cryptozoological shark monster from Drumheller began as a short film and has been adapted into a graphic novel published by Renegade Arts Entrainment. Currently, two more books, a toy line, and a feature film are in development for late 2019. 

Promotion and audience development remains a key aspect of our company. Maintaining a social media presence has proven useful and allowed us to leverage our fan support for funding.  In the last two years, we’ve raised over $50,000 in crowdfunding for various projects. 


Growing up on a farm outside of Red Deer, Spencer Estabrooks films have been shaped by the rural landscapes and mythology of Alberta. He’s written, directed and edited dozens of short westerns, horrors, comedies, and documentaries.

In 2014, he created short film and monster called “Sharkasaurus”; a half T-Rex, half Megaldon, all Alberta cryptozoological monster. After a successful film festival run he adapted it into a graphic novel, published by Renegade Arts Entertainment. It is currently being developed into 2 more books, a feature film, and a toy series from Last Resort Toys.

In 2019 he launched the third season of his Award winning fantasy comedy series “One Hit Die”. Described as “Lord of the Rings Shot like the Office”, the series has been delighting international audiences on Amazon Prime and The Fantasy Network.

Estabrooks continues to find ways to tell his genre projects stories  through graphic novels, animation, documentary, web series and feature films. From Alberta beer history to mythical stories of blind gunmen in the old west, his eccentric genre stories are routed in the Alberta and the beauty he finds in it.