One Hit Die follows the quest of a group of adventurers – a warrior, a wizard, a healer and a rogue – that must conquer the world’s most dangerous monsters, as well as each other’s egos. ONE HIT DIE, created, written, produced and directed by Spencer Estabrooks.

ONE HIT DIE stars Larissa Thompson as the group’s leader,  Gwen, a young and naive healer, while Julie Orton (of the popular all-girl action stage show KUNG FU PANTIES) stars as Sasha, a tough and courageous warrior who doesn’t take crap from anyone – even her fellow warriors. Andrew Long plays Torvold, a thief more concerned about gold and leveling up than he is about saving the world, and Phil Burke (AMC’s HELL ON WHEELS) portrays Azurus, a powerful wizard with a predilection for booze – and with a shady past. Rounding out the cast is Michael Roik, who plays the wicked goblins – all of them – that the merry band of warriors must face.