Aleberta has Launched! by Spencer Estabrooks

Aleberta has launched! This is turning out to be a dream year for me. We've received funding from Telus Optik Local for my first documentary; Aleberta: Our Beer Story. For those of you who know me, you'll know this is a passion project I've been working on for some time and I'm excited to get to work on it.

You can follow along with via

  1. Our production blog
  2.  Facebook, 
  3. Twitter @alebertahistory
  4. Instagram @alebertahistory

With the 100 billion dollar current changes in the Alberta government there a hot debate brewing on the future of beer. Follow along as I drink up the knowledge.

Lethcon and Season 2 of OHD! by Spencer Estabrooks


Had a great weekend at the Lethbridge Comic Con! Met tons of new friends and fans. We had two Sharkasaurus screenings.  Who new he would be such a hit with the ladies?



We announced at Lethcon that Telus was on board to fund Season 2 of One Hit Die! Everyone one was pretty excited about this! So how do we celebrate? Cosplaying Dancing Owlbears in slowmno to dubstep. Check it out:

Wrapped "Sugar Skull Man" Principle Shooting by Spencer Estabrooks

Big thanks to the cast a crew worked all day and night allowing us to wrap our short film "Sugar Skull Man" in a single day . It's a weird western ghost story and tale of unquenchable vengeance. We shot the whole thing on Gopros in 3d so you better make sure you sit tight in your saddle for this one.

To Check out more pics and updates, head over to our facebook page

Wrapping up #sharkasaurusweek by Spencer Estabrooks

Fan Art by Thomas Martens

Well it was a whirlwind week for our fierce finned freind. Two sold out screenings at the Plaza and The Grand for the Alberta Spirit Awards. Big thanks to those folks that picked up T-shirts and came out to support some great Alberta films.

We also gathered some great reviews for #sharkasaurusweek!

Also please to announce that Sharkasaurus causing tsunamis in The UK Makingwaves film festival

And also later this month at the Lethbridge Comic Expo

If you missed Sharkasaurus it's available on Telus VOD.

Big shout out to Thomas Martens for sending us some amazing fan art.

Two Screenings and a T-shirt! by Spencer Estabrooks

So excited to announce two Sharkasaurus Screnings this month! First up, The Storyhive Community Screening on Sept 16 at The Plaza.

Next is as part of the Alberta Spirit Gala on Sept 20 at The Grand. It's an amazing lineup of some of Alberta's best Short films this year.

To celebrate we're launching another run of our popular T-shits. Check it out on the Indiegogo site. You can pick them up at the screening or for another $10 we'll ship them to you.