Aleberta: Our Beer History
Aleberta: Our Beer History
Aleberta: Our Beer History

Alberta was late to the craft beer revival, but has one of the most surprising and interesting stories. Watch on Telus Local Optik 

Aleberta - Part 1 - Beer Pioneers

Alberta beer history from 1884-1984. From the birth of the Calgary Stampede to segregated drinking in the late 1960s, Aleberta looks at who survived, who withdrew, and who paved the way for Alberta's next beer boom.

Aleberta - Episode 2 - The Rise of Craft

Big Rock and the birth of the Alberta craft beer industry through the early 80’s and 90’s. The struggles brewers faced educating the public and battling the government policies left over from prohibition.

Aleberta - Episode 3 - The Micro Explosion

A simple law change in 2013 sets the Alberta beer industry on fire. How do brewers manage a close community and competition during the massive growth of urban and rural breweries? And what makes beer so magical?